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Several cruise lines offer itineraries with a focus on wine, typically hosted by a winery owner or expert. These usually include on-board discussions, demonstrations, and tasting of the winery's wines, but also the wines of the regions you will visit. One of the most popular and easiest of such journeys is on a lovely river cruise in Europe. Visit Bordeaux, Rhone/Burgundy, Douro (Port), Germany, Hungary, and other areas with fascinating histories dating back thousands of years, amazing wines and food, and lovely scenery. Enjoy with others of like interest in intimate settings and very inclusive features and services. Goodrich Travel has an arrangement with Ama Waterways, one of the leading river cruise companies, to market their 50 plus such wine cruises – click on their logo below, THEN CLICK ON CRUISES AT TOP, THEN ON WINE CRUISES ON LEFT MENU, or give us a call to help you find the right cruise for your interests. In addition, we do have several of our own group cruises we do each year – see our Group section or call. Also, several of the larger ocean cruise companies offer itineraries with a wine focus and we will try to present these online, or give us a call and we can review them later opportunities.

Watch a short video on Ama Wine Cruises - Click Here

Click on Logo to view Ama Waterways cruises, click on CRUISES, then on Wine Cruises tab to the left, to view Wine Focused Cruises